Names of Common Street Objects in English

Street is a road in a city or town. Streets usually have pavement (sidewalk), many houses and buildings on one or both sides. There are many things on the street and it is important to learn them for English communication.

Pictures of street objects with pronunciations

These are the vocabulary images of the objects that you can see on a street. Click on the pictures for the pronunciations.

Word list of street vocabulary in English

  • street
  • traffic light
  • red light
  • yellow light
  • green light
  • pedestrian crossing
  • zebra crossing
  • pavement (U.K.)
  • sidewalk (U.S.)
  • bus stop
  • taxi stop
  • café
  • restaurant
  • fast food restaurant
  • market
  • street vendor
  • monument
  • memorial
  • garage
  • ATM
  • cash machine
  • buildings
  • house
  • apartment house
  • park
  • road
  • avenue
  • alley
  • boulevard
  • lane
  • drive
  • route
  • main street
  • side street
  • main road
  • back street
  • main road
  • side road
  • back road
  • highway
  • parkway
  • access road
  • toll road
  • motorway
  • superhighway
  • intersection
  • crossroad

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Flashcards exercise about street vocabulary

The flashcards below have pictures of street objects. Click on the cards to see the name of objects.

Flip the card game about street

Click on a card to open it. Then you will see a word about street. Guess the meaning of it in your own language.

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Images of street objects vocabulary to download

Picture quiz about street vocabulary

This is a multiple choice quiz about street. Select the name of the picture from the list. For every correct answer you get 10 points.


Listening test about street vocabulary

This is a listening practice about street. First listen to the audio about street. Then select the relevant picture from the list. You get points for each correct answer.


Writing test about street vocabulary

This is a writing test about street. First look at the picture. Then write the name of the image into the input box. For each correct answer you get points.



Spelling test about street

Here is a listening and spelling test about street. Start the test and then listen to the pronunciation. After that type the word that you hear into the text box.


Worksheets about street vocabulary to download and share

Street word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Street word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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