Question words (Wh- questions) in English

Question words are the words we use to make questions in a sentence. They mostly start with Wh-, so we call them Wh- questions, as well. Some common Wh- questions are “What, Where, Who, Why, When, Which and How”. This kind of questions doesn’t require a “Yes” or “No” answer. If you see a Wh- type of questions you must give information according to the question word. The word “what” asks for an object, however “who” asks for a person.

⬤ List of question words

You can Learn question words with pronunciation below. To learn how to say question words in English click on it.

  • Who 🔈– Asks for person or people – Who is your English teacher?
  • What 🔈– Asks for something – What is your favourite colour?
  • Where 🔈– Asks for place or position – Where is the cat?
  • When 🔈– Asks for time – When is your birthday?
  • Which 🔈– Asks about choice – Which sports do you like?
  • Whose 🔈– Asks about ownership – Whose is this pencil?
  • Why 🔈– Asks for reason – Whay are you late?
  • Whom 🔈– Asks for person or people (object) – Whom will you talk to?
  • How 🔈– Asks for manner, condition or quality – How is your father?
  • How far 🔈– Asks for distance – How far is your house?
  • How long 🔈– Asks for length (time or space) – How long does it take to bake a cake?
  • How many 🔈– Asks for quantity (countable) – How many birds are there on the tree?
  • How much 🔈– Asks for quantity (uncountable) – How much is this jacket?
  • How old 🔈– Asks for age – How old are you?

Question word combinations

What colour …” – What colour is your T-shirt?
What kind of … ” – What kind of sports do you like?
What type of … ” – What type of sports do you like?
What sort of … ” – What sort of sports do you like?
What size …” – What size are you?
How far…” – How far is your school?
How long…” – How long will you stay?
How many…” – How many pencils have you got?
How much…” – How much sugar do you need?
How old…” – How old is your grandfather?
How tall…” – How tall is your father?
How high…” – How tall is that building?

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⬤ Flip the card game about question words

This exercise helps you learn the Wh- questions with some cards. Click on a card to flip it. Then you will see a question word. Then guess the meaning of the word in your language.

flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
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flip card image
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flip card image

⬤ Examples about question words (Wh- questions)

Examples about Yes-No Questions

  1. Are you a student? – Yes, She is a student.
  2. Is she a German? – No, She is French
  3. Are they at home? – Yes, They are at home.
  4. Can you speak English? – Yes, I can speak English.
  5. Is there a cat under the tree? – No. There is a dog under the tree.
  6. Have you got a pencil in your bag? – No, I haven’t.
  7. Do you like playing chess? – Yes, I do.
  8. Did you sleep well yesterday? – No, I didn’t sleep well yesterday.
  9. Does David usually work on Saturdays? – No, He sometimes works on Sundays.
  10. Have you eaten kebab? – Yes, I have.

Examples about Wh- Questions

  1. What colour is it? – It is yellow.
  2. What colour is her dress? – It is white and green.
  3. What is your favourite colour? – My favourite colour is orange. (It is orange.)
  4. Where are you? – I am at the bus stop.
  5. What nationality are you? – I am Japanese.
  6. Where are they?- They are at work.
  7. What languages can you speak? – I can speak English, German and Spanish.
  8. What is there under the tree? – There is a cat under the tree.
  9. What have you got in your bag? – I have got a bar of chocolate.
  10. What do you like doing at home? – I like playing chess.
  11. How did you sleep yesterday? – I slept well.
  12. How often does David work at the weekends? – He sometimes works at the weekends.
  13. Where have you eaten kebab? – I have eaten kebab in Istanbul.





⬤ Spelling test about question words

This spelling test is to evaluate your listening and writing skills about question words. First listen to the questions word. Then type the word that you hear in the text box. Each correct answer makes 10 points.


⬤ Worksheets about Wh- questions to download

The worksheets below are about question words (Wh- questions) in English. You are free to download and share them.

Wh- questions word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Wh- questions word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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