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Free time is the leisure time that you don’t need to work or do compulsory activities. People feel themselves relaxed and stress-free in their free time. If someone likes doing certain activities in their free time it is called “free time activities”, “spare time activities”, “hobbies” or “recreation activities”. These activities are done for enjoyment and amusement.

  • Free time activities are voluntary and done for pleasure.
  • Hobbies are regular activities of someone which is done for pleasure.
  • Holidays or vacations are certain periods of time spared for free time.

Pictures of free time activities with pronunciations

The images below are about free time activities. To listen to the pronunciation just click on an image.

Word list of free time activities

  • free time
  • leisure time
  • hobbies
  • go camping
  • go fishing
  • go for a walk
  • go out for a drink
  • go out for dinner
  • go shopping
  • go to a concert
  • go to a party
  • go to the beach
  • go to the cinema
  • go to the park
  • listen to music
  • play computer games
  • do sport
  • ride a bike
  • reading
  • cooking
  • surf the Internet
  • visit a museum
  • visit an art gallery
  • visit friends
  • watch a film / movie
  • watch a sporting match
  • watch sport on TV
  • watch TV
  • read books
  • gardening
  • photography
  • football
  • basketball
  • tennis
  • volleyball
  • swimming
  • diving
  • sailing
  • windsurfing
  • jogging
  • hiking
  • skateboarding
  • gymnastics
  • athletics
  • hockey
  • baseball
  • judo
  • karate
  • caving
  • rock climbing

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Flashcards exercise

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Flip the card game

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Example sentences

  1. I like chess.
  2. I like playing chess.
  3. I like learning English.
  4. She likes swimming.
  5. Ewa likes doing puzzles.
  6. I dislike tennis.
  7. I dislike playing with marbles.
  8. I don’t like playing with marbles.
  9. Anna dislikes climbing.
  10. They like listening to music.

Asking questions about free time activities

  1. Do you like football? – Yes, I like football.
  2. Do you like playing football? – Yes, I like playing football.
  3. Can you play basketball? – No, I can’t play basketball.
  4. Can you play chess? – Yes, I can play chess.
  5. What is your favourite activity? – My favourite activity is playing tennis.
  6. Do you like playing computer games? – Yes, I like playing computer games.
  7. Do you like watching horror films? – No, I don’t like watching horror films.
  8. How often do you listen to music? – I listen to music every day.
  9. Do you often go to the cinema? – No, I sometimes go to the cinema.

Reading passage

My Free Time Activities:
I am Leon. I like doing activities in my free time. I like board games. I often play chess with my friends. I also like playing darts. In summers I do outdoor activities. I like going fishing or swimming. If the weather is not rainy, I go for a walk in the mornings. In winters I prefer indoor activities such as table tennis. One of my favourite activities in winter is cinema. I go to the cinema every weekend.

Images of free time activities vocabulary to download and share

Picture quiz

This visual quiz is for identifying the free time activities. When you see the picture, select the relevant option from the list.


Listening test with pictures about free time activities

Click on the play button and listen to the audio. Then select the corresponding image of free time activity from the list.


Writing test with pictures

Display the picture by clicking on the start button. After that write the name of the free time activity into the text box. Please write at correctly as you have seen above this page.



Spelling test

First listen to the audio by clicking on the start button. After that type the free time activity into the text box. Note that you must type it the same as you have learned above this page.


Worksheets about free time activities to download as PDF and image files

Below are worksheets about free time activities vocabulary. You are completely free to download, use, and share these printable ESL worksheets. There are two file formats below. They are pdf files and jpg images.

Free time activities flashcards worksheet Flashcards worksheet jpg image Flashcards worksheet pdf
Free time activities activity worksheet Activity worksheet jpg image Activity worksheet pdf
Free time activities word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Free time activities word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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