Formation of English Tenses with animation

You can find some animated example sentences below showing the forms of the tenses in English language. The auxiliaries, verbs and subjects of the sentences change automatically. In this way you can understand the formation of the tenses easily.

⬤ Verb to be (am, is, are) Sentence Formation

  Is Why is 


isis not is not is

in his room.

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⬤ Modal “can” Sentence Formation

  Can Where canWhen can


can swimcan runruncan not run rundrive


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⬤ Simple Present Tense Sentence Formation

  Does Why doesWhere does


likeseatseatdoes not eateatbuy


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⬤ Present Continuous Tense Sentence Formation

  Is Why isWhere is


is cuttingis eatingeatingis not eatingeatingeating

the apple.

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⬤ Future Simple Tense Sentence Formation

  Will Why willWhen will


will buywill wearwearwill not wearwearwear

a dress

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⬤ Simple Past Tense Sentence Formation

  Did Why didWhere did


arrivedworkedhelpdid not playplaygo


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⬤ Past Continuous Tense Sentence Formation

  Was Why wasWhere was


was callingwas helpingplayingwas not talking runninggoing

at 7 O’clock.

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⬤ “Be going to” Future Tense Sentence Formation

  Is Why isWhen is


is going to buyis going to weargoing to wearis not going to weargoing to weargoing to wear

a shirt.

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⬤ Present Perfect Tense Sentence Formation

  Has Why hasWhere has


has boughthas washedwashedhas not washed washedwashed

the T-shirt

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