A Collection of English Tenses – With timelines and images

You can find the timeline charts of English tenses as images below. The timelines show the tenses with images and example sentences. These images can help you understand the usage of the tenses in a practical way.

โฌค Simple Present Tense Timeline Graphic

simple present tense - grammar timeline

โฌค Present Continuous Tense Timeline Graphic

present continuous tense - grammar timeline

โฌค Future Simple Tense Timeline Graphic

Future Simple Tense - grammar timeline

โฌค Simple Past Tense Timeline Graphic

Simple Past tense - grammar timeline

โฌค Past Continuous Tense Timeline Graphic

Past Continuous Tense - grammar timeline

โฌค “Be going to” Future Tense Timeline Graphic

Be going to future tense - grammar timeline

โฌค Present Perfect Tense Timeline Graphic

Present perfect tense - grammar timeline

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