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Days, months and seasons are essential vocabulary to use in daily life, because we need these words while making plans, arranging something or talking about past events. This page is dedicated to teach you these time periods in English.

Months of the year

Seasons of the year in English

โฌค vocabulary of days, months and seasons

โฏโฏ Weather vocabulary
โฏโฏ Geography vocabulary
โฏโฏ Nature vocabulary

Days months seasons with images

Days of the week in English:

days of the week in English

Months of the year in English:

months of the year in English

Names of seasons in English:

seasons in English

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Expressions and sentences in daily life

Which preposition to use before days months and seasons?
Use “on” before the days
on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on Thursday, on Friday, on Saturday
Use “in” before the months
in May, in January, in August, in July, in December
Use “in” before the seasons
in spring, in summer, in autumn, in winter
Use “on” before the dates
Examples: on 25 March 2015, on 2 June 2019

Other usages of “in”
in the morning
in the afternoon
in the evening

Other usages of “at”
at noon
at night
at midnight

Example sentences

  1. Today is Tuesday.
  2. January is the first month of the year.
  3. Monday is the first day of the week.
  4. I was born on the 5th March.
  5. There are seven days in a week.
  6. I like summer more than the other seasons.
  7. Spring is my favourite season.
  8. In summer the days are usually hot in Egypt.
  9. I go out with my friends on Sundays.
  10. The world will be a better place in the year 2030.
  11. I get up very early on weekdays.
  12. Winters are very cold in Russia.
  13. Luca went skiing in January last winter.
  14. They like going on a picnic in summer, especially in June.
  15. I celebrate my birthday in autumn on September 23th.
  16. I hope to see you next April.

Asking questions

  1. What day is it today? – Today is Thursday.
  2. Is it Wednesday tomorrow? – Yes, Tomorrow is Wednesday.
  3. Are you busy on Friday evening? – No, I am not.
  4. What is the first day of the week? – Monday is the first day of the week.
  5. How many seasons are there in a year? – There are four seasons in a year.
  6. Which month are we in? – We are in August.
  7. When is your birthday? On Tuesday? – It is on 12th July.
  8. Which do you prefer, spring or autumn? – I prefer spring.
  9. Where do you go at the weekends? – We go to the cinema at the weekends.
  10. What do you enjoy doing in summer? – I like surfing.

Reading passage
I am a businessman. I am busy all the time. I must organize my life. I work very hard on weekdays. On Mondays I get up early and check my weekly plan. I attend the meetings. On Tuesday and Wednesday I go out for my customers. On Thursday and Friday I try to find new customers. At the weekend I am not that much busy. I spare time for my family on Saturday and Sunday. We go to the cinema in autumn and winter. However we go on a picnic in spring and summer. We also spend two weeks at a seaside resort in July.

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โฌค Worksheets

Worksheets for days months and seasons
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You can watch a a video about days, months and seasons or learn the seasons here. You can also watch a video about months of the year here.

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