Fill in the Blanks Quiz for Modal CAN

Modal “can” fill in the blanks exercise is an interactive quiz. To test your knowledge select and put the words into the correct blanks. You will see many sentences with blanks below. Drag and drop the answers into the correct places. You can click the “Submit the Answers” button to check your score. For more information you can visit modal “can” usage and explanation page here.

Modal “can” fill in the blanks quiz

Fill in the blanks Quiz 1

  1. I a tree.

  2. I football.

  3. drive a car?

  4. I 70 pages a day.

  5. We to the park together.

  6. Steven a song, but he .

  • can read
  • Can you
  • can dance
  • can go
  • can climb
  • can play
  • can’t sing

Fill in the blanks Quiz 2

  1. He chess.

  2. I for you.

  3. help me?

  4. Where buy ice-cream?

  5. Sarah French, but she .

  6. No, I .

  • Can you
  • can I
  • can play
  • can’t
  • can wait
  • can’t speak
  • can speak Spanish

Fill in the blanks Quiz 3

  1. Who the match?

  2. jeans at school?

  3. They us next week.

  4. You the window.

  5. turn off the TV, please?

  6. something?

  7. Mr. Nelson . He is on a wheelchair.

  • can win
  • can open
  • Can I a wear
  • can visit
  • Can I say
  • can’t walk
  • Can you

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