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Giraffes are mammals. Giraffes are the tallest animals on the land. They are 1.8-meter tall. The legs of a giraffe are about 2 meters long. A giraffe’s heart is about a half a meter long and weighs about 11 kilograms. Its lungs can hold 55 liters of air. Both male and female giraffes have horns. Giraffes are so big. So they don’t need to hide from any other animals. If they are in danger, they can defend themselves with a strong kick. They can also run very fast—around 56 kilometers per hour. They always look elegant and calm.

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Example sentences about animals vocabulary in English
Lions eat meat.
Giraffes are the tallest land animals.
A cow is a farm animal.
An elephant is a mammal.
Snakes are reptiles.
Koalas are in danger of extinction.
Some fish lost their habitats because of drought.
Polar bears become endangered because of climate change.
Wild life is important for wild animals.
Lions have got sharp and big teeth.
Tigers are carnivore.
We should save natural habitat.
Wild life is important for wild animals.
We should keep seas clean.
We shouldn’t wear fur.
We shouldn’t hunt seals for their fur.

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Asking questions about animals in English
What do pandas look like? – Pandas are big animals. They have thick white coat with blacks patches.
What do pandas hunt? – They don’t hunt. They mostly eat leaf.
Where do pandas live? – They live in China.
How much do pandas weigh? – They weigh about 100 Kg.
What do pandas eat? – They eat bamboo leaves.
Which wild animals do you want to touch? – I want to touch eagles.
Where can you see Kangaroos? – You can see kangaroos in Australia.
When did dodo become extinct? – Dodo became extinct in the 17th century.
What do tigers eat? – They eat meat.
How tall are the giraffes? – They are about 18 feet tall.
Where do Asian Elephants live? – They live in Asia
What should we do to protect endangered animals? – We should protect their habitat.

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Dialogue about the weather in English
Mark: What’s the weather like in London in January, Jack?
Jack: It’s pretty cold.
Mark: Well, what’s the temperature now?
Jack: It is 0 C.
Mark: Oh. Really cold. What’s the forecast for tomorrow?
Jack: It will be snowy.
Mark: Oh. Wear heavy clothes then.

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