Schedules and Online Registration

ALCC has an on-going registration and new classes begin frequently throughout the year. Classes are held 12 months a year. Our flexible schedules allow students to choose courses to fit their individual needs. Classes are held during the week or on weekends — mornings, afternoons, or evenings.

Schedule for Students on the F-1 Visa

Students with the F-1 Visa have the flexibility to study during the week — Monday through Friday — or they can choose from a number of weekday and weekend programs. Any combination of classes can be taken as long as they add up to a minimum of 18 hours of study per week. Refer to our Schedules and Fees to choose your best class schedule.

Regular Student Schedule

These students can tailor their course selection to meet their specific learning and schedule requirements. There are no minimum class hours or special course requirements for these students.


Please answer the following questions to view various schedules offered by ALCC American Language and build your personal ESL program. If you wish you can then register online easily.
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2. Do you need a Student (F-1) Visa or I-20 form?
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