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Housing Policies

ALCCs Responsibility for the Provision of Student Housing

ALCC is committed to providing safe, clean, convenient, and affordable housing to students who seek accommodation during their period of study. We offer several local housing options, including Westside YMCA, Flushing YMCA, and Hostelling International. ALCCs responsibility for the provision of student housing involves coordinating and confirming accommodation bookings, notifying students of housing confirmations, making sure students receive the requested housing services, and identifying new housing options. We are also committed to conducting annual on-site inspections and collecting direct feedback from students to ensure optimal living conditions. If students express dissatisfaction with their housing situation, we will take prompt measures to address the matter in a way that meets the students satisfaction.

Booking policy:

Students interested in booking housing should contact their School Agent. New students have the option of booking housing through the ALCC website during the initial registration process. All students are required to pay an accommodation fee of $100 for booking services. If the housing facility has no availability for the requested dates, this fee will be refunded to the student. Once the housing reservation has been confirmed, the accommodation fee is non-refundable and the full cost of the requested housing term is due immediately. The student will receive an official housing reservation confirmation with the booking details via e-mail.

Cancellation policies:

Cancellation policies differ based on the housing facility. See below for details:

Westside YMCA:
Prior to arrival: There is no charge for reservations canceled at least 72 hours prior to the check-in date. There is a charge of one nights fee ($100 dollars for single room, $140 for double room) for cancellations within 72 hours of the check-in date. The accommodation fee of $100 will not be refunded.

Cancellation after arrival: Students who book for one week or less will pay the regular price ($100 dollars for single, $140 for double room) if they check out earlier than the scheduled date. Students who book for more than one week will be charged the one week price ($350 for single room, $650 for double room). If they stay for additional days after the one week, the regular price for each day will be charged.

Flushing YMCA:
Prior to arrival: If the reservation is canceled at least 7 days prior to the check-in date, no cancellation fee is charged. If the reservation is canceled within 7 days of the check-in date, a fee of $100 (per person) will be charged (in addition to the $100 accommodation fee). Accommodation fee of $100 will not be refunded.

You must notify ALCC at least 3 days before your official check-in date if you will be 1 or more days late checking into the Flushing YMCA. If we are not notified, your reservation will be automatically canceled, even if it has been paid for. The room will therefore not be available.

Cancellation after arrival: No refunds will be given if you check out before your official departure date for bookings of 1 month or less. For bookings of more than 1 month, we will refund the unused portion of your housing payment (after a 1 month charge).

Hostelling International

Cancellation notification of 10 days prior to scheduled arrival date required. There will be a one night charge if cancellation is not made.

Housing Complaint Process:

If there are any issues with the housing reservation or facility, students should speak to their School Agent immediately. Once a formal Student Service Complaint form is completed and submitted to the School Agent, ALCC will contact the housing facility to resolve the issue in a manner that ensures the students satisfaction.

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