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Refund Policy

The Processing Fee and Express Mail Fee are non-refundable.

Tuition is 100% refundable if:

  • Student withdraws before beginning of class (except I-20 students)
  • Student fails to enter class (except I-20 students)
  • If student is a no-show (except I-20 students)
  • I-20 students who DO NOT ENTER the US will receive a 100% tuition refund.

Other Types of Refunds

Non-I-20 Students

  • If a student withdraws from class within the first week of class, ALCC will charge the student one week of non-discounted tuition of the program and will refund the balance of the tuition.
  • There will be no financial penalties for putting your program on hold. This only applies to non-I-20 students.

I-20 Students

  • If I-20 student enters the country with an I-20 sponsored by ALCC and cancels, is a no-show, fails to enter, withdraws before starting class, or transfers to another institution before starting their program, ALCC will charge the non-discounted tuition for the first 4 weeks of the students program and refund the balance of tuition.
  • If I-20 student withdraws within the first week of class, ALCC will charge the non-discounted tuition for 4 weeks of the students program.

All Students

  • If student withdraws after the first week of classes, but before their fourth week, ALCC will charge the student four weeks of the non-discounted tuition and refund the balance of tuition paid for the program (both I-20 and non-I-20 students).
  • No tuition refunds after the fourth week of class.

No refunds will be made if ALCC terminates students program due to any violation of ALCCs attendance policies, disciplinary rules, or federal, state or local laws.

Refund requests meeting any of the above criteria must be made in writing by sending an email to and completing a Refund Request Form (found online at Student can also complete the Refund Request Form in school and submit it to their School Agent.

Accommodation Fee is non-refundable if reservation is confirmed by housing facility.

Wire transfer refunds will incur a $40 fee.

Please allow 6- 8 weeks for the refund to be processed.

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