New Spring Vocabulary Words to Use Right Now

Spring is an exciting time of year. There’s no better time to add new words to your vocabulary. Start with this list of vocabulary words that are related to spring.

The Different Meanings of Spring

Just like how the word “fall” has more than one meaning, there are also multiple meanings of the word “spring.” “Spring” can be a noun that means the season after winter from March to June when it gets warmer. But “spring” can also be a verb that means jumping or leaping forward, often used in the phrase “spring into action.” Finally, “spring” can be a noun that means a tight metal coil used in machines and some pens.

Floral Vocabulary

Whether or not you are taking English classes, spring is a good time to learn words about flowers. One important word is “bloom.” This is what plants do when they make flowers. “Bloom” can also be used as a noun, talking about the flower itself. “Pollen” is also very common in the spring. “Pollen” is the yellow powder that comes from flowers and causes many people to get red eyes or runny noses.

Rain Vocabulary

In many parts of America, it rains a lot during the spring. It can be helpful to learn English vocabulary words about rain. This includes the word “drizzle,” which means that it is raining very lightly. The word “puddle” means a small pool of water on the ground that is made by the rain. Some Americans may talk about “April showers,” which is an expression about how rainy it is in the spring.

Other Spring Terms

In America and other English-speaking countries, spring is associated with different patterns. “Spring cleaning” refers to a time when many people clean their entire homes and put away all of their winter clothes. “Spring break” is a time when many college students are away from school and take a trip with friends. There is also “spring fever,” which is not a disease. It simply means you are ready to go on an adventure and have fun because winter is finally over.

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