Three Fests to Look Out for This Spring

It may seem hard to believe, but spring is just around the corner. In New York City, that means that people are getting ready to leave their heavy winter coats behind and make the most of the warm weather. If you are living or studying in the Big Apple, there are plenty of fun spring festivals that you should try to see.

Tribeca Film Festival 

The Tribeca Film Festival takes place from April 24 to May 5. This annual film festival is known around the world as a great place for talented independent filmmakers to show people their latest movies. People who go to the festival can buy ticket packages to see multiple films or single tickets for one movie.

Macy’s Flower Show

Nothing says spring like flowers in full bloom, and that’s what will be on display at the Macy’s Flower Show. Since 1946, this event has showcased beautiful flowers. It is made up of three large displays at three different Macy’s stores across the United States. This event will take place starting March 24 at Macy’s Herald Square location in New York and at two other Macy’s stores in Chicago and San Francisco.

Brooklyn Folk Festival

If you are looking for spring festivals that are a little more relaxed, the Brooklyn Folk Festival might be right for you. For students learning English, folk music is a great way to become more familiar with the accents and storytelling of people from different parts of the United States. This festival takes place from April 5 to 7. It goes beyond just American folk music and has folk artists from across the world.

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