How to Improve Your English by Reading Books

One of the best ways to learn is by doing something that you enjoy. That is why many choose to learn or improve their second language by reading. Here are some tips to make reading even more educational.

Start With Children’s Books

A person with a book in their lap

Children’s books are the best place to start practicing English because many of them have pictures that go along with the words. These books are very helpful because they were made to help children learn English, so they can help you learn English too. Some people might think that children’s books are too simple, but trying to read a book that is too difficult may be frustrating and discouraging.

Read Comic Books

When it comes to learning a language, context is everything. This means using the pictures and other words in a book to figure out the meaning of words that you do not understand. Comic books give a lot of context by showing pictures of what is happening. Readers can use these pictures to figure out words they do not know instead of using a dictionary.

Do not Translate Every Word

When reading a book in English, you may want to translate every single word. But this can actually make learning harder. Translating words all the time can make reading feel like work instead of fun. Try to figure out the meaning of a word you do not know by using the other words around it. Then, underline any words you still don’t understand and come back to them later. Only use a dictionary to translate words when they stop you from being able to understand what is happening in the story.

Read What Interests You

You would not read a boring book in your first language. So why read a boring book in a language that you are learning? Even when reading children’s books, find books that interest you to help you relax and learn. If learning English is fun, you are more likely to keep trying even when it becomes difficult.

Just like listening to American music, reading books in English can help students learn in a fun format. ALCC American Language is one of the top international English programs, and we are located in New York City. Learn more about us by looking at our courses or calling 212-736-2373 today.

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