Five Ways To Fight Winter Blues

Do you feel sad when the weather gets cold? You’re not alone; many people report the “winter blues.” We get less sunlight during the winter months. The days are shorter. The holidays are over. These factors all combine to create the blues. Try these tips to get out of your winter slump.

Get the Gear

Two guys sitting outside in winter talking

Don’t let the cold weather keep you inside! Dress warmly so you can take a long walk and spend more time outdoors. The exposure to fresh air and sunlight may help boost your mood. Shop at thrift stores or discount shops if you don’t have snow boots. Extra layers such as scarves and hats will keep you warm. Choose winter accessories with fun colors to add cheer to your wardrobe.

Exercise Each Day

Exercise increases your level of the brain chemical endorphins. According to WebMD, endorphins trigger positive feelings in your body that can make you feel happy. Try to spend at least 30 minutes each day doing physical activity. Walking or jogging is a great way to start. Look up online videos to easily work out at home.

Boost Vitamin D

We get vitamin D from sunlight. If you’re spending a lot of time inside, you might want to take a supplement. Psychology Today reports that low levels of this vitamin may correlate with depression. The National Institute of Health recommends you get at least 600 international units (IUs) of vitamin D each day. Foods with this vitamin include cereal, milk, eggs, yogurt, and fish.

Listen to Music

Playing your favorite songs is a sure way to feel better. Cue up your best playlist and dance around your apartment. This is also a great way to get exercise. Try feel-good movies and TV shows to cheer you up, too.

Spend Time With Friends

Grab a coffee or lunch with friends or loved ones. Face-to-face contact can help fight a bad mood. If you’re new to the city, look for clubs and events to make new friends. Winters may be rough in New York City, but when taking English courses at ALCC American Language, you can make the most of the season with your classmates from around the world. Our student services like housing and a full-service cafeteria make it easy to connect with others. Contact us at (212) 736-2373 to learn more or register for courses online.

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