How to Master the Written Portion of Your English Language Exams

The ability to express yourself in English is crucial to effective communication in the United States. Students who learn English set themselves up for success in America—but first, they must master all aspects of the language. The writing portion of English language tests can be intimidating to some students, but these tips will help every student ace their written exams.

Know What to Expect

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You’ll want to know what to expect with the test before you step into the exam room. Your instructor or test administrator should provide you with more information on the format of the test prior to exam day. The test might include short answer questions, essays to write, or reading comprehension tasks. You’ll also need to know when and where the test takes place and what documents are required (such as identification). Knowing what to expect can ease test day nerves.

Put in the Work

Working hard during your English courses will prepare you for any test, but test prep courses can really help sharpen your skills when it comes to passing major exams like the TOEFL. To ace these tests, you’ll need to practice writing in English often. Consider writing a daily journal entry, or write all of your letters and emails in English. Even sending text messages in English can enhance your skills. Reading also helps improve your ability to write in English—and it gives you practice for reading-specific test sections, too! Whether you choose to read the newspaper or relax with a comic book, you’ll improve your grasp of the written language.

Relax and Practice Good Test Day Habits

Cramming at the last minute won’t help you ace your tests; instead, focus on relaxation. Go to bed early the night before the test, then get up at a reasonable time and eat a healthy breakfast the next day. Before you leave, check to be sure you have any required identification documents, and allow yourself plenty of time to get to the test location. Finally, stay aware of the time as you take the test, breathe deeply, and show off what you know!

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