Easy Ways to Practice English as a Couple

Working toward a major goal like learning a new language requires hard work, dedication, and discipline. Mastering the vocabulary, word choice, and grammar of another language is difficult, but learning with a partner can make the process easier. That’s why couples moving to the United States often choose to learn English together, which can help them find success in their new country! These tips will help every couple get the most out of practicing together.

Go All In

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In order to successfully learn English together, both partners need to go all in—in other words, they need to fully commit to their goal. Reaching language fluency is easiest when both partners are equally committed, and it becomes more difficult when one person isn’t dedicated to their studies. Learning together allows partners to support each other—and it comes with a built-in study buddy!

Start Texting

Once both partners are ready, it’s time to start communicating with each other in English. You don’t have to go all out at first, but you can start by sending each other simple English language text messages. Share jokes, send memes, and talk about your day without using your native language. Both learners will get good practice by translating their own sentences and their partner’s!

Turn On the TV

An easy way to start practicing together is simply by watching TV! Pick an American TV show and start watching it regularly. You’ll pick up on grammar, vocabulary, word choice, and pop culture references. We suggest The Simpsons or That 70’s Show. Studying isn’t so bad when it doubles as entertainment!

Pump Up the Volume

Another easy way to practice English is with your radio: just pump up the volume when you’re doing housework, cooking, or walking as a way to reinforce what you’re learning. Even having English language songs playing as background music can help you grasp small pieces of the language.

Hundreds of students have enrolled in English language courses at ALCC American Language in New York City, including couples relocating to the U.S. from across the world. Reading, speaking, writing, and understanding the language sets them up for success in America. If you’ve decided to learn English, call ALCC American Language at (212) 736-2373 to learn about our program.

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