Best Websites for English Language Students

When you are working hard to learn English, you need more than just a textbook to absorb the language. Luckily, there are tons of other resources available to non-native English speakers looking to improve their language skills, including podcasts, video games, and more. There are also countless websites that offer students advice and practical skills as they learn English. Here are a few of our favorites.

Many Things

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While Many Things is a very basic site, it’s loaded with information that will help you practice vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and more. Play crossword puzzles to practice your verbs or study flashcards to learn the U.S. states and their capitals. You can also play games that teach sentence structure, study tongue twisters for a fun “twist” on learning, and practice your slang vocabulary. As the name suggests, Many Things offers countless ways for students to improve their English language skills.

TV 411

While TV 411 isn’t exclusively for English language students, the website is great for anyone learning about life in America. It contains vocabulary and writing resources that all ESL students can use, like lessons on words with multiple meanings or figures of speech. The website also offers videos and instructional guides on practical life skills, like applying for credit cards, reading medicine labels, and understanding pay stubs. Not only will you expand your vocabulary, you’ll learn valuable information about life in America.


Most of us use YouTube to watch entertaining videos of silly cats, but it can be extremely useful for English language students. There are countless videos that explain complex grammar, help with pronunciation, and teach conversational skills. Perhaps the best thing about YouTube is that you can pause, rewind, and rewatch a video as many times as you’d like. A few channels we recommend are Speak English With Misterduncan, Real English, and Jennifer ESL.

Students wanting to learn English have resources all around them, from newspapers to TV shows and movies. But the best place to start is with English language courses taught by the professionals at ALCC American Language. Register for classes online or call us at (212) 736-2373 to begin your English language journey!

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