Three English Podcasts All English Learners Should Subscribe To

When you’re learning a foreign language, the best way to become fluent is to immerse yourself in it completely. From attending local events to exploring the pop culture scene, your subconscious picks up quite a bit when you fully surround yourself with the language. If you are an ALCC American Language student, you’re already immersing yourself in American culture by taking classes at our New York campus, but there are more things you can do to learn English, like watch American movies and listen to American podcasts. Here are our picks for top podcasts for English learners.

All Ears English

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You can study vocabulary all you want, but the goal to be fluent in a language is being able to hold a conversation with a native speaker. To have a good conversation, it’s important to study how people interact with one another, including their body language, tone of voice, and more. All Ears English uses real-world conversations, such as how to tell jokes in English, to give listeners who want to learn English a better grasp on American conversations.

Podcasts in English

Podcasts in English doesn’t focus specifically on grammar or vocabulary or any one topic; instead, these short podcasts discuss current events, weather, and other aspects of modern American life at different levels of fluency. This one is great for beginners to advanced speakers.

The English We Speak

Sometimes learning the vocabulary and tenses isn’t the hard part—sometimes conversing with real people can be more difficult! That’s because there are so many expressions and slang terms, and people from different regions, backgrounds, and social classes all tend to speak differently. It’s hard for native speakers to understand all the vocabulary and terms, let alone someone just starting to learn English. The English We Speak by the BBC explores American slang words and phrases spoken by real people; you won’t find any grammar lessons, but you will get a practical three to four-minute vocabulary lesson that you won’t find in your textbook.

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