Learning in the Kitchen: Increase Your Vocabulary Through Cooking

The Heart of the HomeCookware in the kitchen of ALCC in New York

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It is where people gather and come alive with good food and lively conversation. Take this opportunity to expand your language skills and start thinking in English. Gather family and friends as often as possible for English-only cooking sessions. Have a dictionary nearby for help. As you go through the steps of preparing a meal, identify each ingredient or utensil in English. Explain what you are doing as you cook food, set the table, and eat a meal.

Translate Recipes

Another terrific way to learn English is by translating recipes. Take your family’s favorite recipes and rewrite them in English. Look up the words you don’t know. Translating recipes expands your vocabulary and reinforces your growing English skills through writing.

Take It Beyond the Kitchen

Cooking involves activities that go beyond your kitchen. When you buy food at the grocery store, mentally practice your English vocabulary. As you walk through the store’s aisles and glance at various products, practice saying them in English. Improve your conversational skills by talking with store clerks.

Try going to farmer’s markets to further expand your language skills. Talk with the people at each booth, and if you see an unfamiliar item, ask what it’s called in English. When you take your purchases back to your kitchen, review each item’s name while you put away groceries.

Take every opportunity to learn English as you go about your day-to-day life and keep practicing outside of the classroom. At ALCC American Language, our approach to teaching is immersive and brings together students from around the world at our center in Manhattan. Register online for classes today!

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