How Strong Math Skills Can Help You Learn a New Language

A young man improving his math skill to learn english betterAt first glance, math and language almost seem like opposites—one is concerned with numbers, equations, and measurements, while the other uses vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. But if we begin to think of learning a language as simply learning a new form of logical reasoning and problem solving, the connection between the two becomes a little clearer.

Evidence suggests that students who excel at math also tend to succeed when they learn a language and vice versa. Here’s how the two subjects are related and how our brains work to master them.

The Brain at Work

Researchers have found that speakers of two or more languages tend to be more creative, have a lower risk of developing dementia later in life, and are better at multitasking.

This likely comes from the result of a strong basal ganglia group, a grouped section of the brain associated with motor movements, routine habits, and procedural learning, which are all important components of language use. This allows bilingual speakers to switch more easily between the grammar rules and vocabulary of different languages, a skill that transfers smoothly to other subjects, especially math.

Making the Connection

Being good at math may help you to learn a language in many ways. For example, some of the same methods used in remembering math skills can be used in remembering a language.

Additionally, strong problem-solving skills are enormously beneficial in both subjects. In much the same way that solving a complex math equation requires a lot of trial and error, practicing a second language means recalling what you know and applying it to a conversation until you’re understood.

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