Beyond 8-bit: Video Games Can Help You Learn English, Too

An ALCC student playing video games to learn english in New YorkWhile taking courses to learn a language is the most traditional method, many students have found success through playing online video games. They can be a fun and exciting way to introduce students to different types of vocabulary through storytelling.

Why Do Video Games Work so Well in Helping to Learn English?

Adventure games, first-person shooters, and role-playing games go a long way in teaching skills beyond the general motor types. You’re put into real-life scenarios where you engage with a story. Also, the adrenaline and serotonin pumping during high tension sequences may help some students focus more clearly. What matters is that you can learn and cross language barriers. It’s similar to trying to learn English through television, but you get to be part of the story!

Repetition Is Always a Good Learning Device

Playing video games may not be attached to school assignments or homework, but a lesson plan in video games may just be the ticket to helping students learn English. As noted above, there is something about repetition and high-stakes play that sticks in our brain, teaching us things we never expected. By going through sections of a game over and over and hearing the given narration, you can begin to grasp dialects and natural sentence patterns. Perhaps one of the best aspects of online games, though, comes from the community.

Video Games Provide a Rich Community

Alone, there is only so much to learn. Gaming involves players from anywhere and everywhere. With the help of a vast pool of users playing online at the same time, you can dive deep into English with the help of friends. PlayStation, Xbox, and other internet connected services offer team effort games that suggest not only friendship, bonding, and togetherness in real time, but also the chance to catch up on phrases and metaphors within the language. Don’t be afraid to ask questions while you’re playing in an online community; the group you’re with can be more accommodating than you’d think.

Combine Gaming With ALCC American Language Courses

Our minds are amazing, with the ability to learn without actively knowing. Video games can go a long way in improving our lives and connecting with others. Learning English is but the tip of the iceberg. If you’re interested in improving your English skills through fun techniques, then reach out to ALCC American Language today by calling 212-736-2373. You can also explore our blog for other tips for learning English.

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