New Year’s Resolutions: Why We Have Them & Tips for Making Your Own

A student at the ALCC  school in New York2017 is coming to a close, and with the promise of a new year comes the possibility of a fresh start for anyone planning to set a personal goal, like learning a new language. Countless people will make personalized lists of goals to achieve, but it can be challenging to follow through on those goals. Learn more about how to set some clear goals and stick to them.

Why Do We Have New Year’s Resolutions?

People have celebrated the turn of the year in different ways for a very long time. From the Babylonians making contributions to gods to Medieval knights making personal vows, we’ve been trying to force ourselves to do better and achieve new goals. Whether your goal is a small one, like vowing to be more physically active in your daily life, or as big as learning a second language, you’re not alone in your desire to achieve it. Knowing that people have set annual goals for themselves for ages should give you some needed confidence.

How to Set Achievable Goals

The how of creating a set of resolutions that’ll stick doesn’t come easy. We tend to shoot for the stars, and can often set big, broad goals without the details of daily life in mind. In doing so, we skip several important steps, the first being to keep things simple and realistic. Just like climbing stairs, it’s not recommended to jump ahead; go one at a time, from bottom to top. Begin with something that not only is feasible but will also boost your confidence. For instance, don’t try to master the English language right away. Start with some small vocabulary building blocks. This will make the end goal seem less daunting. If your goal is to conquer some trickier English words, then check out this great blog entry! Just remember not to give up if you slip—sometimes, you improve the most when embracing your mistakes.

The New Year is always an exciting time here in New York City. Do you have any language learning goals that you want to achieve for 2018? With help from ALCC American Language, we can work with you accomplish them. Contact us today to get started with your resolutions.

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