How to Decorate Your Dorm Room for the Holidays

With Christmas and the holiday season approaching, New York will be lit up with activities, shopping, and decorations. If you have a dormitory through ALCC, here are some quick, inexpensive ways to add the spirit of the holidays into your dorm room.

The Mini Tree Is a MustImage of a small Christmas tree

A decorated artificial tree brings instant Christmas joy to your room. You can find mini trees on Amazon in all kinds of colors and themes, and while you’re there, get some fake snow for the windowsill, desk, and dresser.

Lights and More Lights

The more shining lights, the better. Criss-cross the ceiling with lights, hang snowflakes from them, and line the desk and shelves to create a warm holiday glow in your room.

Glittering Ornaments

Decorate the tree with your favorite ornaments. You can also hang them from the ceiling and on the walls using quick-release hooks. You can find traditional round ornaments, or even fun themed ornaments to create a unique look all your own.

A Wreath for the Door

If your wreath isn’t pre-decorated, get a bare one and dress it up with a personal arrangement of ribbons, berries, and ornaments. Real greenery adds the smell of evergreen to your space, too!

Snow Globes and Snowmen

These items are winter classics, adding fun accents to the windowsill and desk. Snow globes are always fun to shake up and watch the “snow” fly. You can probably even find one that features your favorite NYC buildings.

Classic Stockings

What’s a Christmas holiday without bright red Christmas stockings? Make your own or catch a few at your local dollar store. Tack them up anywhere and drop in a few treats and a friendly note for your neighbors—the perfect way to practice your English writing skills.


A mistletoe ornament is ideal for hanging, especially above your holiday dorm room door. Kissing under the mistletoe is an American tradition.

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