6 Ways to Learn a Language When You’re Busy

Learning a new language is time-consuming, especially if you are not immersed in it. But contrary to popular belief, there are ways to work in a lesson without sitting in a classroom all day. Here are some easy ways to put your daily routine to work with just a few spare minutes a day.

One Word Per Sip of Water

Try to learn a new vocabulary word with every sip of water. This helps break up your learning into more manageable lessons. Small but regular sips can turn into a half-gallon of language study!

One Word in 15 Minutes

Taking 15-minute breaks away from your desk to stretch, walk, or visit the restroom are common throughout the day. Use one of those breaks to learn a new word. It amounts to seven words a week, 28 a month, and 365 words of a new language in a year.

10 New Words Every DayImage of woman with chalk words

Research shows that when 1,000 of the most common words in a language are learned, a person can familiarize him or herself with 85 percent of the spoken language. That’s 85 percent of a new language in 100 days. Practice, understanding, and repetition are necessary to speak fluently, of course. Drill yourself during your commute or lunch break.

Put Your Cellphone Addiction to Work

Use that cell phone to speed up your command of the language you want to learn, whether it’s English, Spanish, French, Italian, or Russian. Commit yourself to using the latest word you’ve learned in sentences on your cell through text messages or in your notes section.

Play Online Games

Learn your new language by playing games online. Seek out other players who speak your target language. Imagine the back and forth you’ll get into. Another option is to switch a game’s language option to the language you’re learning.

Social Media and Your Target Language

Start sharing social media updates in your target language. Since you’re probably already sharing on social media anyway, why not share, practice, and develop your foreign language writing skills at the same time?

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