These Twitter Accounts Can Help You Learn English

Learning a new language can be difficult, but as technology continues to advance, a growing number of learning tools develop. You might not think that the social networking site Twitter would be one of these resources, but these helpful Twitter accounts are a great way to make your effort to learn English part of your daily routine. Woman sitting with her hands on her laptop

Twitter is a particularly good way to learn a new language because it employs “real world” English–the type of language native speakers would use everyday in casual conversations. These accounts provide accessible tools and resources to learn English in bite-sized pieces so they can be easily incorporated into your day. Consider using these accounts to challenge yourself


If you’re good at learning from games, then this account will be a great match: their online games will teach and test your learning as it progresses. They also provide English articles with reading comprehension questions at the end, so that you can check to see how well you’re absorbing the information and where you might land on a proficiency scale.


Even native English speakers may not know all of the words that this Twitter account tweets! Every day, they put out one post defining a word in the English language and using it in a sentence, which is great for creating a large English vocabulary.


When it comes to “real world” English, this Twitter account is a great way to pick up on it. They break down long BBC articles, defining some of the more difficult words along the way. This is also a good account to learn English idioms that don’t translate word-for-word into another language.


If you learn better in lesson or course settings, this account will be great for your education. They regularly host lessons where you can interact with English speakers for clarification or with any questions. You can also compete to win prizes such as free IELTS tests and book vouchers.

In a modern world, Twitter provides easy ways to learn English as part of your everyday life, and these accounts are a great way to start.

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