Four Places to Find an English-Speaking Partner to Practice With Online

It’s important to learn English in a classroom setting in order to get a strong foundation of the language. But between courses, finding a fluent partner to practice English with is a great way to improve skills with the language. Thanks to technology, it’s now easier than ever to find a partner to practice with, and these four sites are a great place to start. Hands typing on a laptop

Conversation Exchange

Although this site isn’t specifically made to practice English, it can coordinate you with a native speaker to converse with over voice chat. If you’re not up to talking, you can also converse with your pen pal over e-mail or even the old fashioned way, by writing letters!


With Lingoglobe, you can practice English and also help someone else practice a language you already speak! This free website can help you find a fluent English speaker to discuss any topics with, and you can help them learn your language as well. You can even narrow potential partners down by hobbies, interests, or topics you’d like to chat about to work on vocabulary and pronunciation.


This site caters to different skill levels, providing tutors that can work with you one-on-one to practice English outside of formal courses. You can watch introductory videos of each tutor to find the right fit, or sign up for scheduled online classes. Verbling costs $19-$45 per month to participate, and private tutor fees vary, but you can observe for free to get a sense of the language.

Video Game Voice Chats

If you’re a gamer already, you probably have everything you need for this conversational tool! Many online video games come with a voice chat feature, where players can speak to one another in real time. It’s easy to match up with English-speaking players to practice English! Keep in mind that, while this is a great way to learn modern colloquialisms, it may not be the best way to learn perfect grammar, since slang will be common.

Speaking with a fluent English speaker is a great way to practice English, but it can be difficult to find a partner, even when living in America! These websites are a great way to find a partner without even leaving your home. You can check out our blog on conversation starters to prepare for your first online meeting.

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