Our Favorite New(ish) Flashcard App for Language Learning: Tiny Cards

Most students are probably familiar with flash cards and have used them in some learning environment. Tiny Cards, a new app from Duolingo, takes that familiar format into the digital age with flash cards that can be accessed right from your phone. Tiny Cards can be a good tool to help you learn a new language, especially when paired with other learning tools. Use Tiny Cards in addition to classroom lessons, watching movies in your desired language, and the all-important conversational practice.Smartphone Apps

What Are Tiny Cards?

Tiny Cards are flash cards on your phone, provided by Duolingo. There are thousands of decks available to users who can select travel words, verbs, or even more specific word sets like sports vocabulary. For some, the user is shown an image and then given the English word for it after clicking. Tiny Cards even allows you to record audio and attach it to each card, helping with pronunciation. Tiny Cards aren’t just for learning a new language; they offer decks on everything from world history to Beowulf.

How Can Tiny Cards Help You Learn a Language?

An important part of learning any language is having a grasp on the vocabulary. The more words you know, the better you’ll be able to make yourself understood, even if your pronunciation or phrasing needs work. Learning vocabulary can sometimes be boring or frustrating, but Tiny Cards helps to make it fun. By making the experience more like a game, students are more likely to put in the hours necessary to learn vocabulary.

ALCC American Language has been helping students learn English since 1975. ALCC has kept its status as the top English language learning school in New York by constantly searching for new tools to help students. Pairing Tiny Cards with ALCC’s tried and true classroom courses adds up to a winning formula for success.

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