Get Ready for Halloween With Spooky Vocab Words

In October, New York City hosts some of the world’s biggest Halloween celebrations. Parades, parties, and costume contests are around every corner. This year, prepare yourself for a scary good time with this spooky vocabulary for Halloween.

Creepy Creatures

These words describe some of the scary beings you’ll find during October. Maybe you’ll even choose one of these popular costumes when it’s time to get dressed up.

Devil – The chief evil spirit in Christian and Jewish belief.

Dragon – A mystical storybook creature that looks like a large lizard and breathes fire.

Ghost – A lingering spirit of a person who has died.

Spider – A small, eight-legged arachnid that spins a web to capture insects to eat.

Witch – A woman who has magical powers.

Wizard – A man who has magical powers.

Dazzling Decorations

Here are words for some of the fun Image of a Spooky Pumpkin on a black backgrounddecor you’ll notice as October approaches. Pick up these items at a local store to decorate your home as you enjoy the chilly fall air. Speaking of “fall,” ever wondered why we use both fall and autumn in conversation? Check out this blog to learn why we use different words that have the same meaning.

Grave – The stone that marks a place where a person is buried.

Haunted house – A home where a ghost lives.

Pumpkin – A large, round orange gourd that is often carved to make a Halloween decoration.

Skull – The bones of a person’s head and face.

Tricks and Treats

These words will also help you get into the Halloween spirit, including important props and favorite treats.

Candy – Sweet treats that are given out on Halloween.

Costume – The clothes a person wears to dress up as something or someone else.

Mask – The facial covering that is part of many Halloween costumes.

Trick or treat – The custom of going house to house in costume on Halloween to ask for candy.

Whether you want to get dressed in a costume and head out into the city or you prefer to celebrate with a few friends and a scary movie, October is the perfect time to practice your spooky Halloween vocabulary. Want to take your skills to the next level? ALCC American English has a wide variety of courses to help you gain conversational and writing proficiency in English. Call 212-736-2373 to sign up for a course today!

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