How Watching Movies Can Help You Learn a Language

Today, the world is more diverse, multicultural, and multilingual than ever before. Thanks in large part to technology and the ease of international travel, the barriers that once divided countries and cultures are rapidly eroding. In this new world, the ability to speak multiple languages is an increasingly valuable skill, both professionally and personally. If you’re interested in learning another language, watching movies can be a fun and effective method to absorb vocabulary, accents, and more. Here’s how watching a movie can help you learn a language.Movie Reel & Popcorn - ALCC

You Get a Chance to Hear Natural Accents

Learning a new language is all about being able to communicate with other people. While it may be enjoyable to read a novel in your new language, interaction should be the goal. Watching a movie in English with the subtitles in your native language will give you a feel not only for how words and sentences are put together but also how they sound coming from native speakers.

Practice Good Vocabulary and Keep up With Slang

Languages are fluid and ever-evolving. Even the most current edition of a textbook can’t keep pace with the variety of new slang words, expressions, and idioms that enter a spoken language. Regular watching of movies in your chosen language will help you keep up with the language as it changes.

The Most Important Part: It’s Fun!

The biggest hurdle people face in becoming proficient in a new language is fatigue. Learning a language requires perseverance and effort, and those are much easier when learning is fun! Find a movie you like and watch it over and over again. With the right movies, you’ll be learning without getting bored or overworked (see more tips for a successful language school season here).

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