Tips for a Successful Language School Season

Enrolling in language courses is an exciting first step in the process of becoming fluent in a new language. You want to ensure you use your time wisely and improve your skills as much as possible. Here are some great tips to maximize success while enrolled in language courses.

Image of a group of happy, successful language school students at ALCC American Language in New York, NY


Set Attainable Goals

Whether you are studying to pass the TOEFL exam or to gain business proficiency, setting goals will help keep you on track. Memorize 50 vocabulary words per week, spend 10 hours in conversation with a language partner, or write an essay or short story on a favorite topic. Whatever goals you set, they should be reasonable and attainable within your given timeframe.

Don’t Cram for Tests

Students who review class materials on a regular basis retain more information. Rather than cramming for your exams at the last minute, spend some time before each class reviewing the previous day’s material. That way, you will be more prepared for quizzes and tests.

Have Fun Every Day

A little recreation helps keep you rested and balanced. It also gives you something to look forward to, which helps you push through any school challenges. Exploring the city, socializing with friends, or catching a movie can help you unwind. These are also great opportunities to practice your new language skills.

Maintain Your Health

It may be tempting to reach for tasty snacks or comfort foods to deal with stress and challenges. However, maintaining a proper diet will help you stay mentally focused. Regular exercise is also great for reducing stress and helping you sleep. It is also a good idea to limit alcohol intake while enrolled in school.

Learning a new language is an exciting undertaking, and with a little discipline, you can get the most out of your language courses.

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