Things to Do in NYC

There is no better place to learn English than in New York City, the melting pot of the world. When you’re not in the classroom, check out a few of these awesome activities.An image of Times Square one of the many things to do in NYC.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

You could walk the halls of this legendary museum for days, looking at more than 2 million works of art that represent five centuries of worldwide history. You can practice English by reading exhibit descriptions or asking questions to museum staff. If you need a break, though, don’t worry. Guided tour headsets are most likely available in your native language.

Times Square

Lighting up Midtown, Manhattan 24 hours a day, this famous spot is known for digital displays, billboards, and huge crowds. Everywhere you look, you’ll see huge English-language ads, lighting up the sky with the latest pop culture happenings.

The Empire State Building

This giant building is a symbol of New York City throughout the world. Take the elevator up to the observation deck and look at the breathtaking views from the 86th-floor deck—or 16 stories higher on the 102nd floor.

The Brooklyn Bridge

This mighty bridge is another famous New York landmark, soaring over the East River to link Manhattan Island to the borough of Brooklyn. A 40-minute stroll across the bridge’s boardwalk is the perfect Sunday activity when the weather is nice.


In the last 20 years, Brooklyn has become a source of creativity and culture. In many ways, Brooklyn has re-invented itself. It offers wonderful foods and drinks, and fun activities, such as catching a show at Prospect Park. For a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, stroll along the streets of classic Brooklyn brownstones.

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

For hundreds of years, the Statue of Liberty has been the first and most memorable landmark seen by people coming to America from all over the world. If you take the ferry to Liberty Island, you will experience the same feeling of wonder. Not far away is the Ellis Island National Museum, where you can visit galleries with photographs, recordings, and items that reflect many immigrants’ nationalities.

Central Park

When you go to Central Park, you will be surprised by the quiet nature in the middle of Manhattan’s hustle and bustle. Central Park is the perfect place to have a picnic, take a walk, and enjoy the views. You can also go to Central Park for outdoor events and concerts all year long.

The 9/11 Memorial

This is a very quiet, respectful place built in the memory of almost 3,000 people who died on September 11, 2001, when terrorists attacked and brought down the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center. Each of the 30-foot waterfalls covers almost an acre of ground. On the plaza, there are bronze panels with the names of all the people who died in the attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. and in an airplane crash in Pennsylvania. It also commemorates six others who were killed by a bomb in the Trade Center in 1993.

One World Observatory

On your list of things to do in NYC is the one-minute elevator ride to the observation deck of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views of NYC and surrounding areas. The One World Observatory also has awesome displays including the “Sky Portal,” which makes it seem like you’re looking beneath your feet at the busy streets below. The One World Observatory is the ideal way to view the Manhattan skyline.

Grand Central Terminal

As host to nearly 700,000 subway travelers and commuters daily, New York City’s 76-acre Grand Central Terminal is the largest and busiest railway station in America. It’s also one of the most beautiful public spaces in the world. The waiting room has shining chandeliers. The main concourse is 120 feet wide, two-thirds of a football field long, and nearly 12 stories high. Its robin’s egg blue ceiling even features a twinkling map of the constellations.

Coney Island

Although Coney Island is no longer among the nation’s most popular seaside resorts, it is still an iconic place to visit in NYC. The old concession stands still line the boardwalk, and the Mermaid Parade goes on every year. The biggest attractions are Luna Park (home of The Cyclone), the New York Aquarium, and Deno’s Wonder Wheel.

Staten Island Ferry

About 70,000 people take the free ferry to Staten Island every day, and visitors to NYC are among them. During the half-hour boat journey across New York Harbor, riders marvel at spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Lower Manhattan skyline.

With all these famous sites and things to do in NYC, the Big Apple is the perfect place to improve your English skills! For more tips on how to start conversations while touring the city, check out this blog or this blog full of ideas.

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