4 Signs You’re Becoming Fluent in English

Group of ESL students When you first start learning a new language, it can be hard to imagine you will ever be able to speak and read it clearly. However, when you devote yourself to practicing vocabulary and conversation, you will pick up the language faster than you realize. Here are a few signs that you’re becoming fluent in English.

1. You Get The Joke

You’ll know that you are becoming fluent when you start understanding humor on your own, without needing to have jokes and idioms explained to you. Not only will this make conversations more fun, but you’ll also enjoy movies and television more.

2. You Catch Your Own Mistakes

Fluency means that you can communicate easily. It doesn’t mean that you know every word and never make a mistake. As you get more comfortable speaking English, you’ll begin to catch your mistakes and correct them. Over time, you’ll make fewer mistakes, but just noticing them is a big step!

3. You Don’t Notice People Changing Their Language for You

People often slow down their speech and choose simpler words when they speak to someone who is not fluent in English. As you master the language, you’ll notice that people speak more comfortably and at a more natural pace when they are talking with you.

4. You Can Make Sense of Background Noise

Whether it’s a conversation from nearby strangers or a television that’s on in the next room, when you become fluent, you will find yourself understanding English being spoken in the background. It won’t take the same amount of attention that your early English-speaking days required.

If these signs apply to you, then congratulations! You’re becoming fluent in English! If you’re just beginning to learn English, don’t worry. With enough practice, you can achieve fluency too.

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