Time for a Raise: How Learning English Can Help You Get a Better Job

ESL student speaking with colleagues at workEnglish is the language used most commonly in worldwide business. However, learning English also shows employers that you have a variety of workplace skills that can help you be successful in any role.

It Shows You Are Driven

Learning English will show employers that you have ambition and plan to be successful in the future. This drive might cause employers to keep you in mind for promotions later on.

Multilingual Employees Are More Versatile

Studies show that people who speak more than one language are better at problem-solving, multi-tasking, and decision-making. When you learn English, you show that you can learn new things easily, which is helpful in many workplace situations.

Learning English Can Help Your Negotiating Power

When international companies negotiate with each other, they prefer to use employees who speak multiple languages. This is not only because of the easier communication but also because people who speak multiple languages can see situations from more perspectives. Therefore, they can counter offers more effectively.

You Become More Culturally Aware

When learning a new language, you usually also study the culture that speaks it. When you know more about English-speaking cultures, you will be able to fit in better at work. It will be easier to joke around with your coworkers and talk to your boss appropriately. This will help you feel more comfortable at the office and can also help you form connections to advance your career.

Learning English is a powerful career tool that will help you increase your earning power and be seen as more valuable to your employers. Sign up for a class with ALCC American Language today.

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