Round Up: All Sorts of Technology to Help You Learn English

ESL student using phone to help learn EnglishDid you miss our past blogs about how technology can help you learn English? Don’t worry! This recap highlights four blog posts full of great tech ideas.

Learning English as a Second Language: There’s an App for That!

Apps are a great way to learn English. You can take them anywhere for convenient language learning on the go. Learn more about the apps we recommend and how they can help you improve your English skills.

Use Your iPad to Learn English

Where better to use your English learning apps than on a tablet? This blog is all about how you can use your iPad to practice English outside of class. From app recommendations to online textbooks, find out how your tablet can help you master English more quickly.

Three Fun Podcasts to Help You Learn a New Language

Podcasts are a great way to improve your listening comprehension, and this blog has some great suggestions. Check out everything from a grammar-based podcast to one about storytelling. Listen up and immerse yourself in spoken English.

Supplementing English Language Classes with Modern Technological Tools

This blog talks about how technology makes it easier to connect with other English students and practice conversational skills. Read up on the benefits of eReaders and other apps you can use to master your new language.

No matter what your level of English is, there’s technology to help you improve—and taking a class at ALCC American Language never hurts either!

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