Five Surprising Myths About Learning a Second Language

Photo Of A Man Learning A Second Language - ALCC American LanguageThere’s no denying that learning English is difficult, but learning a second language can help enrich your life. At ALCC, we’ve helped many international students learn English while seeing and experiencing the culture of New York City. As a result, we’ve heard many myths about learning a new language. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about learning a second language.

Only Children Can Learn a New Language

While younger children often pick up new languages more easily than adults, they’re not the only ones who can learn a second language. We believe that anyone can have success learning English when given the right support and instruction.

Technology Is Making Learning English Less Necessary

While there is technology that allows words to be translated in real-time, the software is not as reliable or as efficient as knowing the language for yourself. Remember, speakers use slang and idioms to communicate, and many of these software programs do not accurately translate those terms.

Language Immersion Is Too Demanding

While we know that interacting with others in your second language can seem intimidating, it’s the best way to become fluent in your second language. Rather than memorizing words and using them in a structured environment, you’ll have the chance to use your language skills with others immediately. This interaction boosts your skills and teaches you new phrases quickly and naturally.

You Can Only Learn a Language If You’re Gifted

Many people believe that only those gifted in learning new languages can become fluent in English. The truth is, learning English is difficult for everyone. While some people will pick up the language more quickly, anyone can learn English when given the right type of instruction.

There Is Only One Way to Learn a Language

While most schools teach languages through memorization and vocabulary drills, this method doesn’t work for everyone. That’s because every person learns differently. By combining language immersion with traditional classroom instruction, you’ll have all the tools you need to learn English successfully.

Learning English is tough, but we believe that everyone can learn a second language with the right support systems, tools, and mindset.

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