Tips for Writing an Essay in English

Photo Of A Person Writing - ALCC American LanguageWe understand how challenging it is to learn a new language. Often, it is the most difficult aspect of trying to fit into a new country or culture. In addition to speaking a new language, there will be formal settings that require a mastery of writing in English. It may be that you have to fill out forms, make a report, or compose a letter.

Essays are especially difficult to write because they require a more precise organization and tone. Research and planning are involved. A few indicators to determine a mastery of writing English include being able to understand the topic, form an argument, and link ideas coherently. Here are some tools you can use to successfully write an essay.

Create a Consistent Tone

Using different vocabulary is essential for effective communication. Sometimes, using the same word more than once confuses the reader. Two words, even though they might be similar, can have different meanings. If you’re not sure of the word, a dictionary or thesaurus can provide more options.

Just because you are writing in English doesn’t mean you have to learn a new style or approach to writing. You can keep the same style that you’re accustomed to in your native language. This makes the process more creative and rewarding.

Use Proofreading Tactics

When a particular sentence puzzles you, take a break and look over other essays or articles in the language. Reading over other people’s work helps you learn how to structure sentences and format a paper. Then, return to the task with more focus and direction.

You can also read your essay aloud to other people who are more fluent. An editor can read or listen to what is written and make suggestions on what to change. Two or even three heads are better than one, and reading your paper out loud can help enhance the clarity of your writing.

Going from a limited understanding of a foreign language to writing essays is a huge accomplishment! With good practice and guidelines to follow, writing in English becomes easier every day.

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