Five Ways Being Bilingual Gives You an Advantage

Photo Of A Group Of Students Meeting To Study English - ALCC American LanguageIt’s well worth the effort to pick up another language. As you learn English, keep in mind that speaking two or more languages can lead to many personal and professional gains.

Greater Job Opportunities

It’s true—many jobs favor bilingual speakers. Whether it’s Spanish, Chinese, German, Arabic, French, Korean, or something else, speaking a language besides English is useful when you’re looking for a job. Be sure to list what you speak on your resume.

Mental Improvement

Being bilingual or multilingual helps your brain. It’s been shown that knowing two languages improves your memory. After all, you have to memorize twice as many words. What’s more, people who are bilingual can switch between mental tasks more easily, are good at blocking out unnecessary information, and often do well in other subjects. You can learn English with confidence knowing that you’re giving your mind a boost.

New Perspective

You’ll gain a greater perspective on American culture when you learn English. As your skills progress, you’ll also learn about the different dialects and slang, which will increase your understanding of the cultural norms that make up the American identity.

Travel Benefits

Have you ever found it difficult to communicate when traveling? Being bilingual increases your chances of meeting someone you can understand. English is often considered the “international language,” and you’ll be able to communicate with people in many new places where it is a predominant or secondary language.

Better Understanding of Language

The deeper you study a language, the better you’ll understand the origins of that tongue. As you learn English, you’ll start to pick up additional details about the meanings of phrases and sayings. You’ll discover word roots and connections that come together like pieces of a puzzle. Becoming bilingual or trilingual opens your eyes to how written and spoken words have evolved. Your increased knowledge can unlock whole new levels of understanding.

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