Challenge Yourself to Learn A Word Every Day

Photo Of The Word Of The Day - ALCC American LanguageWhen students begin to practice English, a lot of excitement can come from learning new words and terms. Expanding your vocabulary can increase communication skills and cultural understanding, and is a fun way to learn.

Expanding Vocabulary

It is important to keep learning new words as you practice English for many reasons beyond simply memorizing definitions. First and foremost, having the right words lets us express ourselves, a necessary tool for communication. Without being able to express ideas, it is easy to get frustrated and feel like we are not making progress, even if we are. In addition, learning the meaning of a word gives us understanding about the culture. For example, once we know what a “quarterback” is, we can understand and enjoy football much more! Learning new vocabulary helps us to practice English by giving us tools of expression, promoting cultural understanding, and challenge ourselves to keep getting better.

Different Tools to Use

A common way to add news words to your vocabulary is to learn one word every day. This lets us focus on the definition and different meanings, which you can then practice when talking to other people. Most English dictionaries have a “word of the day” on their website, which picks a word for you. There are other similar websites and calendars that provide a word each day.

Another good tip is to write down words that are unfamiliar when you are reading a book or watching TV. This way you can look them up later and the context of the book or movie may help you remember the word. Choosing one word per day as you practice English makes the learning process less stressful and more like a game.

Don’t worry if you forget some words or feel like there are too many words to learn English perfectly. Even native English speakers will admit that they are learning new words all the time. View it as a lifelong process that is both fun and challenging.

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