Surf Youtube Videos and Learn English

Photo Of A Tablet Loading YouTube - ALCC American LanguageThe path to learning English can be challenging, but we recommend fun activities like watching online videos as a way to stay motivated. Youtube has a diverse array of videos, many of which are helpful for those practicing language skills. Finding the right videos for your English training needs can help expand vocabulary, conversation abilities, and appreciation of dialects.

Benefits of Videos

Studying English grammar, sentence construction, and reading are all integral parts when you learn English. However, Youtube videos have extra advantages. Hearing the language being spoken out loud, while also seeing the way the speaker’s mouth moves, is valuable for pronunciation. Those who learn best through listening will enjoy this even more. Furthermore, with a video, it can be paused or rewound for the user’s convenience. The greatest part of Youtube is that every type of video is represented. So whether you prefer to watch music videos, stand-up comedy, or nature documentaries, it’s all ready and easy to find!

Types of Channels

There are many channels on Youtube that exist specifically for those practicing a new language. These are most helpful to those in the beginning stages of their goal to learn English. Similarly, many videos focus on pronunciation of words, which we find to be a good tool for building confidence in conversations with native speakers. Remember that subtitles can often be turned on for a video to make it easier to follow along. The wide selection on Youtube lends itself to studying a range of dialects. For example, political talks or newscasters will speak in a more formal manner than a music video or casual podcast. A fun pop culture activity is to find songs on Youtube that have their lyrics on the screen as the song plays.

Ultimately, there is no replacement for studying the English language and getting a true education. However, watching Youtube videos is a fun activity to improve pronunciation and expand your vocabulary as you learn English.

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