Grow Your English Vocabulary by Playing Scrabble

Photo Of Scrabble Tiles Lined Up - ALCC American LanguagePracticing English doesn’t have to be restricted to studying grammar and memorizing big words. In fact, it shouldn’t be! Playing Scrabble is a fun way to test the mind, expand vocabulary, and become better acquainted with the English language. Here are some specific tips to get the most out of playing this board game.

Establish the Rules of the Game

One of the great things about Scrabble is that you can adjust the rules if you want. For example, we suggest that abbreviations shouldn’t count (but that’s just our opinion). Another rule we find helpful is to give extra points if the word is spelled correctly on the first try. That doesn’t mean you should punish someone who spells a word wrong. Simply correct them and give the player the right amount of points. It takes courage to try to spell a word that a player isn’t sure about.

Play Together for Fun Collaboration

If you don’t feel like being competitive, the game can still be enjoyable. Everyone can reveal their letters and get advice from their friends on possible words. Or, everyone can play with the same letters to increase teamwork and brainstorm together about possible new word combinations as you learn English.

Record Words for Vocabulary Practice Later

Write down any new words you learn during the game as a reminder. Reading the words that were used can prompt memory of the word and the correct spelling. Repeating the words and trying to incorporate those words into daily conversations will help all individuals learn English.

Keep Challenging Yourself

Continue to make the game more difficult as you get better. We like to bring in new rules, such as:

  • Every word has to be at least five letters.
  • Use a minimum of two vowels per word.
  • Proper nouns and names are allowed.

This keeps the game interesting and makes us think about different words in a new way.

We find Scrabble to be a fun, challenging way to learn English and increase spelling skills. Invent your own rules to make it as easy or hard as you need it to be to get continued value out of the game as a learning tool.

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