Use Your iPad to Learn English

iPad - ALCC American Language

Did you know that using technology like iPads can help you learn English? Below are some facts about how you can use them to practice outside of class.

Access to Education Apps

There are many iPad apps that can help you practice English in fun ways. For example, Preposition Builder teaches you to use prepositions correctly and provides examples of how incorrect prepositions can change the meaning of a sentence. Other apps include Intro to Letters, Rainbow Sentences, and Conversation English. These games provide an entertaining and interactive way for you to practice outside of class and study for tests like the TOEFL.

Access to Interactive Textbooks

You would be surprised at the number of interactive textbooks you can download on your iPad. Some even have videos and 3D graphics. Unlike paper textbooks, these learning tools have special effects, animated actions, and sounds that make reading exciting. iPad textbooks can also help you improve your decision-making skills by letting you change the plot of the story as you read.

Research Purposes

When prepping for exams or writing class essays, you can use an iPad to do intensive research online. Once the iPad is connected to the internet, you can do research from anywhere in the world and easily take notes. If you plan to leave areas with Wi-Fi, you can download and store digital books so you can read and learn from anywhere.

Finally, iPads let you chat with other students in your ESL school so you can practice English, and maybe make some friends along the way!

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