Four Tips for Using Movies to Learn English

Watching A Movie - ALCC American Language

Going to class and listening to a teacher talk about a new language can only get you so far. To learn English properly, you need to hear how it is spoken in everyday life. To make the most out of your language learning experience, adhere to the following tips for using movies to help you converse.

Start at the Beginning

If you’re a beginner, don’t start with a movie based on a Shakespeare play. It might be interesting, but that style of speech has not been used for centuries. Beginners should start with children’s movies, such as animated films. These keep the language simple and easy to follow, and they are also fun to watch!

Don’t Use Subtitles

As tempting as it may be, don’t rely on subtitles all the time. Viewing a movie with subtitles in your native tongue can help you understand the plot. However, it can be tempting to passively read along rather than focusing up to learn English. Instead, watch with the captions off, or at least in English. This allows you to focus on how to pronounce the words. Feel free to replay a scene several times to concentrate on words that have been difficult for you to pronounce.

Keep a Dictionary Handy

When watching a movie, keep a dictionary on hand to look up words that you don’t quite understand. Using English subtitles can be useful in this case; they show you how to spell troublesome words. If you don’t want to lug a heavy book around, a dictionary app or translation app works just as well.

Find Something Entertaining

Make sure that the movies you choose to learn English are entertaining. After all, there’s a reason that tedious verb conjugation charts can only take you so far! Immerse yourself in adventure or romance and you might just forget the difficulties of learning a new language.

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