Learn English by Reading the Newspaper

Reading Newspaper - ALCC American Language

Learning English is not a simple task. For example, some words are written alike but pronounced differently, while others sound the same but are spelled differently. There is no better way to learn the difference between confusing words than to read the newspaper.

Local and National Papers

Local papers are not just a good way to learn about the regional happenings. Local writers often use the slang and manner of speech of the area. It is a great way to pick up on how the locals talk. On the other hand, reading a more nationally distributed paper will allow you to learn vocabulary not normally used in the area where you live.

Whether local or national, take the time to read at least one article a day. Highlight any unfamiliar or uncertain words and look them up using a bilingual dictionary or translation app.

Using Technology

If the old-school print newspaper isn’t for you, there are countless news websites that offer just as much English reading practice. Leading newspapers like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal require online subscriptions, but local newspapers are usually free to read.

Apps are also available to help with listening comprehension. Some programs read whole articles aloud, and others allow readers to single out unfamiliar words. The latter type of program will speak the selected word aloud and provide the definition and part of speech.

Whether you prefer to read on paper or online, learning English via the news is a great way to expand your vocabulary and keep up with national and local events.

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