Learning English as a Second Language: There’s an App for That!

App Screen - ALCC American Language

For individuals who are learning English as a second language, practice is the key to building comprehension. The more you can practice a language, the quicker you will be able to speak and read the language. While the most recommended strategy is total immersion, this can be difficult to accomplish and is often an intimidating approach for individuals who do not have a good grasp of the language. Luckily, with the use of apps, you can practice wherever and whenever you want. Here are some of the best apps to help anyone learning English as a second language.

Rosetta Stone

Already an industry leader, Rosetta Stone is synonymous with providing great language learning tools. The app takes Rosetta Stone’s familiar service and puts it onto your phone or tablet. What makes the Rosetta Stone app unique is that, unlike other services that use your native language to help translate the meaning of new words, this application teaches you common, basic words in the new language (in this case English) and then builds upon those to teach you more new words. This immersion in the language will quickly get you comfortable enough to use it on your own.


FluentU is a great tool for building comprehension for anyone learning English as a second language. This app compiles a number of different videos, from educational talks to pop culture that you might see online or on TV, and then provides interactive subtitles. These subtitles allow you to select any word and get its definition and meaning. This allows for the quick association between the sounds of words and their meanings.


This is a fun and engaging app that will make you want to use it over and over again. With 9 mini-games that span word association, parts of speech, and definitions, MindSnacks is a fun and quick way for you to learn English. The mini-games are great activities to supplement and reinforce classes or learning that you are doing on your own.

These are only a handful of the apps available to help with your learning. Explore your options and figure out which app best suits your needs and learning style!

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