Four Types of Video Exercises that Help Teach the English Language

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Learning the English language is difficult, but using video resources from an English language school can help. Videos allow you to hear the words not only as they are pronounced but also how they flow together in a sentence.


Some of the best videos teaching the English language focus on phonology. By focusing on the shape of the mouth and position of the jaw, you are able to learn how to make the right sounds more easily. Each of these instructional segments consists of approximately 20 to 30 seconds of close-up video showing someone saying the word or phrase.

Telling a Story

While learning how to phonetically form the words and phrases, you also need to learn how to communicate well. That is why an English language school will use videos that focus on telling a story. It helps you learn how to describe things such as surroundings and people. Clips used in classes typically are from a movie, a TV show, or an advertisement. For these types of videos to be most effective, classes are split into three groups, with each group seeing one part of the clip. The groups are then reformed with one person from each group, and they take turns telling each other the story that they have seen.

Speculative Language

Humans in every culture speculate about what something looks like or seems to be. Speculative language is a technique that should be taught in every English language school. Videos to teach this aspect are either short clips or still images of a single person. The focus is on the details such as clothing, mannerisms, voice, or age. After viewing the clip, your teacher will ask questions about the age or personality of the person portrayed. You will be able to justify your opinions by using speculation to determine the answer.

Body Language

Body language is an important part of understanding English. People talk not only with their mouths but also with their hands, arms, torso, and head. Facial expressions also go a long way to letting others know what exactly the speaker is talking about. An English language school uses videos depicting the importance of body language to help you understand how to read the moods and perspectives of other speakers.

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