Supplementing English Language Classes With Modern Technological Tools

ALCC American Language Modern Technological ToolsThanks to the internet and the advent of new technologies, it’s easier than ever for people to discover and learn about new and interesting topics. Even the process of learning a foreign language is easier due to the accessibility of so many different tools and resources.

Benefits of Using Technology to Learn English

Language instructors encourage students to learn by immersing themselves, reading and speaking as much as possible. However, it can be challenging for non-native speakers to develop pronunciation and conversational skills with limited classroom time. Technology allows students to practice conversational skills, complete grammar exercises, and connect with other students outside of their English classes. Access to the internet also makes it easier for students to learn, in English, about things that actually interest them, rather than relying on textbooks or handouts with generic topics.

Developing Language Skills with eReaders

eReaders have been among the most valuable technological tools that help students learn English language skills. A device called Readlang was specifically designed for people learning another language. Its swipe-to-translate feature allows students to read and understand texts beyond their English reading and comprehension levels, storing translations and their contexts for later reference. Books, articles, web pages, and files can also be digitally uploaded to the device. Other eReader devices, like Kindles or Nooks, also have translation capabilities, although they aren’t specifically designed to help students learn English.

Mobile Applications for Language Learning

Smartphones have also changed the landscape when it comes to learning a new language. Mobile applications exist to help people learn virtually any language in the world while on the go. Some apps, like Rosetta Stone or FluentU, require a paid subscription, but their language immersion approach is highly effective. Other apps are free and use virtual learning tools like flashcards, games, and videos to help students learn English.

Students who wish to enroll in a foreign language class now have more opportunities than ever to reinforce what they’ve learned in class with the help of modern technology.

Special thanks to Alexander Lyubavin for the photo.

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