Top 10 English Conversation Starters For Dinner Parties

Photo Of A Couple At Dinner - ALCC American LanguageA dinner party is an excellent opportunity for new language learners to try out their conversational English. With that said, it is perfectly natural to feel a bit apprehensive about attending a soiree in a foreign tongue. Will you know what to say when you meet someone new? Here are ten time-tested English conversation starters that will make you the hit of any party.

About the Meal:

“Did you prepare this yourself?”
“Do you like cooking?”
“What are your favorite cuisines?”

All of these questions are excellent openers, since they give the other person the chance to talk about a general subject in as much or as little depth as they please.

About the Residence:

“How long have you been here?”
“Did you decorate this room yourself?”
“Do you like the neighborhood?”

Because it reflects their sense of taste and style, most folks take great pride in their apartment or home. As such, they often enjoy talking about it at length. All they need is the invitation, which is exactly what the aforementioned English conversation starters give them.

General Questions:

“Where did you grow up?”
“Do you do much traveling?”
“What’s your favorite movie?”
“What’s your favorite season?”

As someone who is just learning English, it’s always a good idea to ask questions that are likely to elicit lengthy answers from native speakers. All of these questions meet that requirement, and then some. A person might answer them in a few paragraphs. This gives you, the listener, the chance to see, and hear, conversational English in action.

Final Tips

No matter your level of English proficiency, it’s generally a good idea to ask basic, non-specific questions at parties. All of the earlier English conversation starters were selected because they are low-risk topics that keep things simple. They also give you, the new learner, the opportunity to discuss familiar subjects that do not require much technical or advanced vocabulary.

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