Top Four Websites for Learning English

Photo Of A Woman On A Laptop - American Language Communication CenterLearning English is no small challenge, and you’ll want to have as many tools as possible in your language-learning arsenal. If you spend a lot of time online, check out these great sites that can help you strengthen your English language skills.

VOA Learning English

This website is a great resource for English learners to not only practice their listening skills but to learn about current events and news in the United States. “VOA” stands for “Voice of America,” and the news presentations on this site are specifically designed for English learners, utilizing basic vocabulary words and slower, clearer pronunciations, as well as subtitles. All of these features facilitate comprehension. If your skills are more advanced, switch over to the main Voice of America site, which is designed for native speakers, and give yourself a listening challenge.

BBC Learning English

Similar to the Voice of America site, BBC Learning English offers audio presentations about current news, culture, and various language topics. Check out the program called “The English We Speak” to learn about conversational English language idioms and expressions. This site often offers PDF downloads of transcripts for audio files.


Study English by watching music videos, movie trailers, inspirational speeches, and other interesting video content on FluentU. The videos on this site come with interactive subtitles that let you hover your cursor over any word you don’t know to view the definition. You’ll then get to hear the correct pronunciation within the video content. Each video also includes a quiz, allowing you to test your retention rate. FluentU categorizes its videos into proficiency levels, so whether you are a beginner or more advanced, you can find videos here that suit your needs. There is even a FluentU iOS app, which means you can learn English on the go.


Elllo is another great tool for learning English, with over 1,300 videos about a variety of different topics to keep you engaged and interested. Topics on Elllo are subdivided by proficiency level, and each lesson comes with a transcript that includes a quiz and vocabulary. The site is easy to use and features a variety of native and non-native dialects, so you can get used to hearing English spoken in many different accents.

These are just a few of the Internet resources out there that can help you improve your English level. Remember, the key to improvement is regular practice. When you find a website you like, make a practice schedule and stick to it.

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