Make It a Competition: Enter an Essay Writing Contest to Learn English

For many, trying to learn English is a long and arduous process that requires commitment and regular effort, and most do not develop a mastery of the language overnight. That is why it is important to keep yourself motivated and having fun! One great way to challenge yourself in your language development is by entering an English essay contest.

English Essay Contests for Non-Native Speakers

Writing an essay is a great way to build your English language skills, since it requires you to actively use what you know, rather than passively listening to your instructor or other speakers. Since it is written, you do not have to overcome embarrassment over your accent, if that is a problem for you. Instead, you can focus solely on getting your thoughts down on paper.

Writing an essay requires you to formulate your own nuanced ideas and organize them in a uniform, thoughtful manner. For many, essay writing is a challenging practice in one’s own language, but to create a well-written essay in a second language is particularly ambitious. That is what makes it a great way to learn English. It lets you exercise the skills you already have and develop those skills even further.

How to Write a Compelling Essay

Some essay contests will ask you to write on a particular topic, while others may give you a list of topics to choose from or allow you to come up with a topic on your own. If given a choice, select a topic that has meaning for you and that you are familiar with. Then, create an outline to organize your thoughts, as well as your thesis statement, which declares the main point of your essay. Many writers find that crafting the body of the content first and then creating the introduction and conclusion paragraphs afterwards helps them to keep their essay content organized and flowing.

Everybody likes to win something, and some contests offer exciting awards to the winners, like iPods, gift cards and monetary prizes. But, even if your essay isn’t selected, you will enjoy the triumph of furthering your mastery of the language. That alone is a great incentive to keep you motivated to learn English!

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